how to play

1. Use bombs to blow things up.
2. Collect powerups.
3. Don't get blown up.
4. Destroy other players and robots to increase your score.

Be careful. It's dangerous in there.

You play as one of these characters

and your mission is to deploy these to blow up these
as well as other players who get in your way.

Be sure to keep away from all bombs when they explode,
even your own! Try waiting around a corner.

Sometimes you will see powerups, like these

These give you more bombs, increase the range of the explosions,
and give or take powerups such as bombs, range, points, or speed.

and there's more...

Whatever you do, stay away from these robots

They will kill you on contact, so be careful!

You can kill them with bombs, but there are rumours
that some of them have been upgraded.

That's all we're allowed to say...

Robots will spawn from these

Do not touch those either, or you will explode.

Good luck... you'll need it.